Posted 2 years ago

Live With no Excuses and Love With no Regrets .

My name is Nurul Azren.. You can call me Reen... I am 23 years old.. I do believe in Fairytales and Happy Endings. I am a type of girl who wants to explore. I believe that dreams do came true.. Your daily dose of me.... I'm just too sweet and lovely..
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When you really love somebody, it's not just for now, it's not just for a second; when you really love somebody, it's really for forever! So, please be carefull to love somebody.

I love anything about "LOVE" I'm collect any picture and quotes that are really look interesting to me such as love, cute, vintage and etc.... so i added some new things to my blog page, not that anyone cares anyways. But please feel free to ASK. Love you all <3